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Dec 3, 2013 1:00am PST
obama care, right, and who famously, the citizens of kentucky have reaped the benefit. kentucky now leads the nation in new sign-ups for health insurance, and that would be huge anywhere. it is a particularly huge deal for a state whose population is as unhealthful as kentucky's is. i don't mean any offense by it, but kentucky's population ranks at the bottom or toward the bottom of the nation's health ratings in lots and lots and lots of different categories, and kentucky has a lot of uninsured people. and it's the exact same deal two states over in mississippi, but in these two states, in the same part of the country, with the same health problems in their populations and a lot of the same challenges, one of them, kentucky, is now best in the nation in terms of people getting health insurance, and one of them, mississippi, is now worst in the nation, and not because they wouldn't know how to fix their problem. they knew how to fix their problem, but they stopped fixing it. mississippi has enrolled a smaller percentage of its population than any other state in the nation. they do n
Dec 5, 2013 1:00am PST
something new, right, for the holiday? s and turns out president obama didn't close the vatican embassy, they thought they had a live one there, but that ended up not being true. and they thought they had a huge story when they thought president obama didn't cover babies with the health insurance. but that wasn't true. that one guy that thought his baby was not covered on his health insurance is because that one activist guy forget to list that baby. he forget one of his kids, simple mistake, apparently. the irs scandal turned out not really being a scandal. trying to turn the benghazi scandal into a tragedy other than a tragedy. and they keep trying to pull stunts to repeal obama care, now that hundreds of thousands of people are getting health insurance that they didn't have before. they really need a new thing. they think they would like to hit him now on iran. according to the hill, quote, house republicans are considering various legislative options that would either tacitly or >> test test . >>> today "the hill" newspaper show the country that they, themselves, republicans
Dec 10, 2013 1:00am PST
sto auditorium. they were talking about the beast, in the context of obama, and the person on the air was saying were you making a comment on president obama as the beast, and he said, no, no, no, that's what they call the car. >> that's right. >> i think a lot of people are here because there will be the state funeral in mandela's home, but it's difficult to get to, so i suspect this is why so many of the dignitaries were coming here to j to johannesburjohannesburg. >> yeah, it was not built to host -- >> i think that's the president -- i just got a glimpse of his head. >> we were on the highway coming here -- >> yes, there he is. >> there is president zuma of south africa. >> and one of his many wives. >> there was an overturned food truck backing up traffic, and we think there was a motorcade in there, so it was very exciting trying to get here, and you get the impression half the world were trying to get here as well. there were lines of five and six hours of credentials for the news media. they are coming up to what is the kind of covered entrance to this beautiful soccer stadium
Dec 9, 2013 9:00pm PST
, there are also 93 vacancies, 93 seats on the federal courts that have no judge in them right now, and that, therefore, could be filled by president obama if he had nominees for those seats and if those nominations could get through the senate. in june, president obama put forward three nominees for three vacancies on one particularly important federal court that sits in d.c. at the rose garden ceremony where he put forward those three nominees, the president said, "what i am doing today is my job. i need the senate to do its job." republicans in the senate, though, decided that they were going to block all three of those nominees. now, interestingly, they had no objections to any of the judges as judges. they did not even try to make the case that they found anything about them objectionable. one of the nominees worked in the george w. bush administration as an assistant solicitor general. republicans had no problem with any of these people being judges, no substantive problems. they just didn't want president obama to be able to sit his own nominees on that court, no matter who
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)